My first tiffany piece!!! Oval return to tiffany

  1. Hey!! So I just bought this on eBay as an early birthday gift! But I have always wanted a return to tiffany necklace!!! :smile:

    I did alot of research and it looks authen! I hope it is ;P

  2. congrats! you can always take it to tiffanys to have the backside engraved
  3. Congratulations!
  4. i think it looks absolutely real and congrats on your first tiffany piece! i hope you saved a bundle by purchasing it on e-bay. it looks pretty new too :smile:
  5. Congrats, this is such a classic piece! This was also my first piece and I wear it more than any other piece of jewelry...

    Don't worry, it's definitely authentic...matches to mine perfectly!
  6. Thank you all so much!!!! :smile: I am too excited to receive it!! Haha I wanted to wear it so badly today, I felt it would look perfect with my out fit lol! But I will have to wait a few weeks :p

    I got it for about $130! I think this is a steal!

    Thank you all for yoour kind words :wlae:
  7. HeY!!! So I just got the necklace! It is so pretty!! I have some concerns tho :sad: Its always the way !!!!

    I notice that the holes seem to be stretching..growing oval..and are no longer perfectly round...has this happened to anyone else..does this mean it is not auth?

    Also..the "Please return" part is not perfectly centered!!! I fear this means its a fake :sad: I hope not!!


  8. Here's what mine looks like...sorry it's a bit small

    They look the same to me, at least... loll :biggrin:
  9. I can't tell if it's auth. It looks the same to mine. Wear it in good health!
  10. looks the same to mine from looks but the holes on mine have never stretched and ive had mine for a year wearing practically everyday.

    my boyfriend a couple of years ago bought me a necklace the toggle heart and the reason i found it was fake was that the "silver" rubbed off...

    what do the care cards and packaging look like they can sometime be a big give away
  11. I just double checked mine.. the holes on the oval tag have never stretched out and the spacing is the same between the beginning of Please and the end of Return. I can take better pictures of mine.. it was purchased in NYC last year from *the* Tiffany store. :yes:
  12. attached is a picture of mine bought from the Sydney store :yes: