my first thread!

  1. hello, I'm not new to this forum but it's the first time that I start a thread!
    I'm french so sorry for my english.
    I've recently bought the onatah leather GM in aubergine and denim baggy PM in blue. I love both :love: and I can't choose one , help me please. which one do you prefer? what's the perfect every day bag?!!!
  2. Hi lilou and welcome!:welcome:
    I would choose the denim baggy PM between your two choices.
    Good luck with your decision and show us pics when you decide!:yes:
  3. welcome..

    i get jealous u LIlou live in france..

    Louis vuitton cheaper than other country in t =he world..
  4. with the onatah
    lilou 01-06 134.jpg
  5. with baggy PM
    lilou 01-06 135.jpg
  6. I like the onatah :yes:
  7. :heart: nice onatah
  8. Onatah is hot!! But so is denim :biggrin: Just think which one goes better with your clothes and would gain the most usage?
  9. congrats and welcome to the board - we know you will love it here like we do!!!
  10. Keep the Onatah it looks very nice on you.
  11. onatahhhhhh!
  12. welcome! love both bags!
  13. P.S. Welcome to TPF!:flowers:
  14. i like the onatah. that's a hot bag.
  15. onatah definatley!!! xx