My first thread! :) Opinions on this bag please?

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  1. :P
    I think this Marc by Marc Jacobs back is so darn cute. Has anyone seen it in person? What is the quality of the Marc line? I hope I attached it right.
    ~ Julia
    marc hobo.jpg
  2. The Marc bags I've seen IRL seem to be good quality, though the leather may not be as scrumptious as the MJ line. That's a cute bag; I like it!
  3. The red version of that bag was on my "possible" list of bags to buy. :smile: Very cute!
  4. Super cute! MJ bags are great!!
  5. there's something about the placement of the pockets that doesn't quite sit right with me, but it is overall quite a cute bag.
  6. So, is that a seconary line from MJ? - Is it like a Kenneth Cole "reaction"? It's good looking!
  7. Cute bag!
  8. I agree with Amanda. Something appears unbalanced to me about the pockets. Other than that, I think it's a cute bag.
  9. Does the right pocket flap look a little lighter or am I just seeing things? Cute bag, I like the color!