My First Thread =o)

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  1. [​IMG]

    ... I've had the Saleya MM on my Wishlist for quite some time now, and now that I have her, I'm not really sure if I wanna keep her.:hrmm: Was thinking of POSSIBLY exchanging her for the black denim XS, which I have YET to see IRL because it was sold out when I was there, but my SA assured me she'd have one for me within the next 2 weeks.

    Also, I totally fell in love with the Trevi PM, but when I compared it with my ebony Damier Speedy 30, they were almost the same size, and looked so similar, but still different. Do they look too similar to have both? Please give me your honest opinions!

    Anywho, here's a pic of my damier speedy and my new Pulp bandana [which I had previously posted in another thread]:
  2. Congrats, what a lovely Saleya :love:

    I have some of Speedy in any lines and I will say go for Trevi PM :smile:
  3. Congrats! If you're not feeling the Saleya, go for the Trevi. I don't think the speedy and trevi look too alike, so go for it!
  4. Love the Saleya in Azur..too bad you want to exchange it! Atleast you'd be getting the black Mahina XS which is lovely as well!
  5. Congratulations! I would keep the azur, it's fresh for spring and you don't see very much azur, I still mostly see mono and I'm in the suburbs. I think the pulp looks tdf on that damier speedy! Enjoy!
  6. Congrats! I don't think the Trevi and Speedy are too similar at all.
  7. Love everything, congrats! If you're not in love with the Saleya, exchange it for something else! :yes:
  8. welcome to tpf - i look forward to getting to know you. i love your pulp bandana; it looks lovely with the damier.
  9. That's such a beautiful scarf! It's going to look gorgeous with everything. And the Azur is perfect for the Spring and Summer. Congrats.
  10. Congrats, the Saleya is so pretty and the Pulp bandana is STUNNING against the Damier!
  11. I love the Saleya!
  12. :tpfrox:
    Thank you, ALL of you, for your opinions and for welcoming me to TPF! I think I'm going to keep the Saleya and get the Trevi PM, as well. The Denim XS can wait ... for now:yes:. You guys are the BEST![​IMG]
  13. Congrats!
  14. Congrats! I really love the Saleya in Azur! Glad to hear you are keeping her!! Can't wait to see your Trevi PM! Don't forget to post!
  15. Gorgeous bag! I think the Trevi is SO distinct that the size approximation would be the only thing I could see being extremely similar. I would definitely go for it! When it doubt, get them both! ;) Congrats!