My first first botkier!


Shopping Queen
Jan 15, 2006
hey everyone! i've been following this forum for a while but this is my very first time starting a honour of my new botkier clyde which arrived today. i got one in the taupe sheen....
am a bit skeptical about the colour but i think i'll grow to like it. i was wondering if the leather will soften much over time. i wasn't expecting it to be as stiff.

thanks beautiful people!
thanks! here's a picture....
the colour looks kinda weird in this picture though...


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thank you all for your compliments. i've been 'modelling' it around the house since i got it :blink:. i don't usually admit to this but i guess i don't have to be now that i am in similar company :biggrin:.

cate22, i'm still quite intrigued with the colour. it looks like a pale gold in certain lighting, and pale green in other. i'd say it looks goldish in a orange lighting...and the pale green sheen comes through in light with bluish tone....does that make sense ? :hrmm: