My first first botkier!

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  1. hey everyone! i've been following this forum for a while but this is my very first time starting a honour of my new botkier clyde which arrived today. i got one in the taupe sheen....
    am a bit skeptical about the colour but i think i'll grow to like it. i was wondering if the leather will soften much over time. i wasn't expecting it to be as stiff.

    thanks beautiful people!
  2. :biggrin: welcome to the forum! And post pics please! We love to see everyone's new bags!
  3. thanks! here's a picture....
    the colour looks kinda weird in this picture though...

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  4. Very cute. Congrats.
  5. so cute, congrats!
  6. Nice bag, congratulations! It looks very good on you.
  7. Welcome! That's a great bag! I was thinking of getting the trigger luxe in the taupe sheen. How do you like the color?
  8. thank you all for your compliments. i've been 'modelling' it around the house since i got it :blink:. i don't usually admit to this but i guess i don't have to be now that i am in similar company :biggrin:.

    cate22, i'm still quite intrigued with the colour. it looks like a pale gold in certain lighting, and pale green in other. i'd say it looks goldish in a orange lighting...and the pale green sheen comes through in light with bluish tone....does that make sense ? :hrmm:
  9. Congrats!
  10. very nice! i love the color and it looks great on you
  11. That's a really pretty color! Congrats!
  12. Congrats on your new bag! It looks really cute on you!
  13. Congrats! I love the color and style AND it looks so cute on you!!! Thanks for starting a thread about your new baby!
  14. Congrats...and welcome!
  15. i love the bag it is so nice and welcome.