My first thread in Chanel! My two new Chanel bags............I think I am addicted!

  1. Hi all!

    I have been a lurker here in the Chanel sub-forum for only a short while after being recommended by two of my fav PF'ers! And less than a month later I well and truly have the "Chanel" bug and have bought two of my most fav bags ever :yahoo:

    I'm sure you have all seen countless pics of these two styles and so I hope you don't mind me sharing :flowers:

    Let me introduce my Re-issue 2.55 in Metallic Black in the 226 size and my Patent Ritz (black again) in the smaller of the two sizes........:love:
  2. [​IMG]




  3. Welcome to the Forum,Balchlfen,and congratulations on your new gorgeous bags!:tup::yes:Can't see the pictures,I'm afraid!
  4. A rubbish modelling pic of the Ritz attached (please excuse the just out of bed hair and the casual outfit!!!)

    For size comparison, I am 5 ft 4 and weigh 110lb/size 8 (US 4) ;)

  5. Oh yes ,just got them!They're fabulous !:nuts:
  6. ^ FAB! i love your patent ritz bag! hothothot! TDF!

  7. That modelling pic does not do the bag justice :shame:

    I will get my SO to take some more pics when I am better dressed :yes:
  8. Congrats on you new babies! They look divine on you! Wear them well.
  9. looks great on you! congrats! both are gorgeous!
  10. hot bags. they look gorgeous on you.
  11. oooo. I normally don't like patent but that Ritz is fantastic!
  12. Gorgeous and looks great on you!
  13. so hot! looks wonderful on you!!
  14. gorgeous!!! welcome to chanel.
  15. Gorgeous both of them, congrats but loving patent at the minute.