My first thing Hermes, ever

  1. Granted, I'm starting small. But today I got myself a bottle of Terre d'Hermes and I love it!


    If you want to treat your men with something good, get them this after shave. It smells great! :yes:
  2. Oh Vlad that is brilliant u have decided to come to the H side :nuts:
    let it be the first of many
  3. Vlad, you've just given me a Birthday present idea:idea:

    Thanks! and welcome to the Orange side!
  4. Hmmmmmm. DH might like that :yes:

    Thanks for the tip Vlad. And Congrats on your first H purchase!
  5. too funny. we've even wooed vlad.
    unstoppable. lol
  6. Yeah - I love it too - smells great, I bought it for my DH. Congrats!
  7. Welcome over here Vlad!! I love the fragrances as well and my dh has enjoyed the samples I've brought him!
  8. I really want to smell their fragnances, but can´t since their not sold here anywhere!
  9. Boom Chicka Wah Waaahhhhh!
  10. Hey, congratulations, Vlad! I'll bet Megs will love it :yahoo:
  11. Mmmmm! Megs must love it!!!
  12. Mmmmmmmmm! Great choice, Vlad!
  13. congratulations~~
    love it too!
  14. woohoo vlad! congrats! i bet you smell great!
  15. YAY Vlad!