My First Tarina Tarantino Piece!!!

  1. I just got my first Tarina Tarantino piece today!! Here is a picture of the owl charm bracelet I got (as you can see the owl charm is detachable):

  2. TT's jewelry is fab! I love her Pink Head line, I have a cute Pink Head pendant on a pearl necklace. I just wish I could only wear it more often. ENJOY! :smile:
  3. That bracelet is gorgeous! I love TT's jewellery and have a pair of yellow hello kitty mascot earrings, which are cute, but I can't wear until my ears have fully healed :sad:
  4. Thanks for your compliments guys! :flowers:
  5. I hope your ears get better soon! HUGSSS**
  6. I really like your lovely owl charm! Beautiful colors on the bracelet itself.:tup:
  7. Aw I love it!
    I'm a huge TT fan, I love the Pink Head and Barbie lines especially.