My First TANOs

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  1. When I first heard about the introduction of Plush leathers by Tano, I was intrigued since the bag pics reminded me of Linea Pelle, which is a brand that I love and is a big part of my handbag collection. So I finally took the plunge and ordered these 2 bags (from MHB, which has EXCELLENT customer service, btw!!!) and I have to admit that I am very pleased with the quality of the leather and I am quite happy with the styles I had chosen:smile:.

    Here are my new babies:

    Heart to Heart in Fudge

    Right Time in Wine
  2. Beautiful! I especially love the Heart to Heart in Fudge. GORGEOUS!
  3. Love them both. Enjoy your new Tanos! :smile:
  4. ooh, both are pretty, but that Right Time is :drool:!!!! Love the color!
  5. we are bag twins with the right time in wine!! i looooove mine! :smile: oooooh the heart to heart is so pretty too. how about a modeling pic of that one?? i really wanted this one or the all aflutter. i am loving the hardware and zipper accents. great purchases!!
  6. Nice! That wine is such a pretty color.
  7. Very nice! Congrats!
  8. Gorgeous! Congrats!
  9. Thanks, oboogie, clutched, someday, lvmania, cindy, kmh1190 and voodoo:hugs:!!!

    Forgot to mention earlier that I love how both bags can be worn crossbody :smile:
  10. Both very beautiful! Love the zippers on the Heart to Heart.

  11. way wonderful bags,,, mhb is the best,,, love your choices,,, wine is such a good color,,, enjoy them,,, donna
  12. Two beautiful choices.

    I love my Plush bag and the Right Time has been on my lust list for well over a month. It's now sold out (from MHB, at least), so whether it was you or someone else who got the last one, thanks for removing it from reach of my faltering willpower!!

    Enjoy them both!
  13. gorgeous!! congrats!!!
  14. both are gorgeous! congrats!
  15. Lol! When I saw that it was gone from mhb, I thought of you being put out of your misery! I am lusting that azul all aflutter now after seeing this heart to heart.