My first Tano second skin in and need advice

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  1. Ok ladies I have a reveal and then I need some advice/thoughts on an issue I am having. I purchased my first Tano Second Skin in bronze. I ordered it online and I love the bag. It slouches so awesome. It came with a small tear. It actually looks like a wrinkle in the leather and is only noticeable at a certain angle. I opened it the night I got it and cut the tags off in the morning. I got to work that morning and went to put it up in the cabinet at eye level and that is when I noticed it. I contacted the website immediately and let them know. She says that was the only one she had available and it will have to be sent in for Tano to determine if it is a defect that can be repaired or if it is due to wear. She said since the tags have been removed Tano has to determine. I had the bag in my possession less than 12 hours...seriously it could of been damaged from Tano or the shop I purchased it from. Well I am going to be so mad if there is going to be nothing done about this. How do I handle this? any opinions?






  2. Well, first congrats on the Second Skin........ the bronze nebula leather is GORGEOUS!

    I'm sorry your lovely bag is damaged..... if you purchased it as a BRAND NEW bag the retailer should be doing everything they can to help make it right. Since it doesn't sound like you can exchange it you should see what Tano can do to repair the bag if possible. Otherwise, you will have to decide if the imperfection is enough to make you want to keep the bag or not.

    Personally, given how hard these bags are starting to become to find, I'd likely keep it, seek a possible repair from Tano......and ask the retailer I bought it from for at least a discount on my next purchase to make up for sending the bag damaged.
  3. Thanks for your advice...I love the leather texture and color on this bag. The CS rep I am dealing with does not seem too supportive almost kind of blaming me for the damage. I am cool with them fixing it if they can. you don't even notice it unless you put it a certain way. You have to almost pull it apart to see it. I just hate to have a brand new damaged bag. I said I might keep for a discount. I am willing to see if they can repair it. I am just afraid it could possibly tear more if I don't. I just don't know if it is worth sending it in and taking a week for them to determine if they are going to do anything or not. The leather is awesome. I love it.
  4. Wow, gorgeous bag! Sorry to hear that your bag has damage... that's a bummer! I think voo offered some great suggestions and I don't think I have any additional ones to add but I hope it works out well for you! :hugs:
  5. Congrats on your new bag Kimber! Isn't nebula just lovely? Personally I'd be peeved with even a little split like that. I hope you can come to a resolution with the retailer about some kind of repair or discount.:yes: I don't know what kind of price you got but it looks like That's Our Bag still has this bag in stock if you end up returning it.,4967.html
  6. Well that's :tdown:. You may want to give Tano a call yourself and ask to see if the could help you. I hope the retailer becomes more cooperative.

    As an aside tho......... the bag is really GORGEOUS...... it's hard to not stare at haha
  7. I'm actually curious as to which etailer this was...I kinda have my suspicions. Kimber if you don't want to post it, would you mind PMing me?
  8. Well it has not been decided how it will be handled. I have to send the bag into Tano and it is up to them the CS rep from the place I purchased. I will post who it is once it is decided and see how they decide to handle it. She has been cooperative and willing to have them evaluate it. But I think that they could take a return on the damaged bag and deal with Tano themselves. Places do that all the time. It is damaged and I feel they should be able to let me know what my options are before sending my bag off to them. I sent her a pic
  9. I might call them myself first actually tomorrow:smile:
  10. gorgeous!! congrats!!!
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    Hi and congrats on your new second skin.

    Dont even bother wasting your time and money sending the bag to Tano to fix- they wont be able to do so. Torn leather cannot be fixed.

    I would ask for a discount and keep the bag or keep fighting the retailer to return it.
  12. WOW! These are the BEST pics I've seen of this bag!

  13. Such a bummer, the bag is beautiful. Hope you get resolution; Tano is such a fun brand. Tano does do a good job fixing bags quickly (they fixed one of mine), but if TE says this one can't be fixed, then that's the word.

    My bag that had to be sent in for repairs arrived defective as well. My problem was that I wanted to keep the bag, and told myself that it would be okay. Well, said defect got bigger, both in reality and in my mind. It just made me sick. But b/c I cut the tags off and carried the bag a couple of times, a return wasn't an option.
  14. That would make me so angry, especially since you know you didn't cause that tear. They need to give you a discount or let you return the bag. It isn't your fault they sent out a damaged bag. :pout:
  15. First off...your bag is lovely...we are bag I would know!! :love:

    I am so sorry your bag has this little tear or nick in the leather...I hope you can resolve the problem with the merchant to your satisfaction!!

    Keep us posted!!
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