My First Tano reveal!

  1. Received my Get checked in Coconut today and am thrilled! I originally wanted it in Marigold, but it was sold out. Coconut does not disappoint.
    I hope you enjoy my pictures.....




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  2. Just noticed that Marigold is available to order again on But I'm thrilled with Coconut! I like that it looks a bit distressed.

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  3. Glad that you like the bag!! The Lux leather always looks a bit distressed. And I think that strap drop is just about perfect. Enjoy!!

  4. I really like that!! Congrats! Any chance for a modeling shot?
  5. Great Bag! The best thing about the lux leather (IMO) is how light weight it is! But the distressing is just lovely too. Probably my fav tano leather. Enjoy and thanks for sharing!:biggrin:
  6. Hi Lizziejean the color is great and I love the bag, can you tell me what the inside lining is made of? Enjoy!!
  7. That coconut color is gorgeous. I'm glad it worked out for you! What color is the lining?
  8. I took 2 more pictures with mu iPad.


    Shown hanging. It has a slight slouch


    The interior. The fabric is nice and soft. Not really silky, but smooth and substantial. I wish it was a fun color, but I do like the camel color. It's a richer color than the blah beige that Coach uses so often.

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  9. You inspired me :smile: I got a Bag Check in brunette for Christmas that I hadn't used yet, so took it out of the storage bag and took it out for Chinese food last night. It really is a great bag. Slouched immediately, which I loved. So happy you love the bag. I think it's a nice introduction to the Tano Lux leather; it's my favorite of their leathers.

  10. Thanks Joan! Is brunette a nice chocolate color? Just curious....did you protect your bag with anything like Apple Garde?

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  11. Gorgeous new Tano!

    I love how coconut such a warm yummy brown!

  12. Wow! I love the coconut color. :smile:
  13. Love your bag! Never looked at Tano bags before but definitely looking at them now :smile: