My first Suhali --- Le Mignon

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  1. My Lil' Le Mignon arrived today and I got to tell you that it is SSSOOOOO cute. It has so many things going for such a small guy. For one it has the signature S-lock that looks miniaturized. Plus, a few rivetings on the ears and face. Lastly, a beautiful, white, luxurious lining. Gosh, I'm so happy. I guess this is no surprise for all you Suhali owners but Vuitton did not disappoint me with this piece. LVoe it!!!!!!!!!!
    Vuitton Le Mignon1.1jpg.jpg Vuitton Le Mignon2.2jpg.jpg Vuitton Le Mignon3.3jpg.jpg
  2. Awesome! Any pics? How much can you fit in it? Would it hold cc's?

  3. That is cute! I LOVE white!
  4. Hmm. It is cute.
  5. wow that is Nice, thanks for sharing and congrats !!! :smile:
  6. very cute indeed! :tup:

  7. It doesn't fit a lot but it will definitely hold CC and cash!
  8. wow , I love that!!! so cute. I love love white and the hardwear is gorgeous. enjoy it
  9. wow congrats, it's absolutly stunning!!!
  10. It's super cute! Congrats!
  11. Very nice.
  12. Is it a clutch only or can you buy a strap for it?
    That lil baby is the cutest thing!
  13. Elle est mignonne !
  14. How cute!!!!
  15. its adorable! congrats!