My First Suhali Bag!!!!

  1. well it is technically mine because i bought it, but only till i hand it over to mum :Push: ..... the Suhali Lockit PM:


    thanks to everyone who replied to my MM vs PM thread. i had both bags side-by-side and the MM would def look like an overnight bag on her. the PM was just right and isn't she lovely? i think it's the best Suhali bag they've done so far. i was lucky enough to snap up the last of this size in Australia and just before the price hike on Thursday too :sweatdrop:

    they really should consider making Suhali bags for men soon! :smash:
  2. i love this bag!!! beautiful!! your moms lucky to get a present like that!!
  3. :nuts:


    :sweatdrop: HOT!
    this bag is just beautiful! Congat's.
  4. Aww.. you're the sweetest son ! :yes:
  5. OMG!!! That is ONE HOT BAG!!!:nuts: LOVE IT!!! Your mom will be thrilled!!!:flowers:
  6. Flaming HOt!!!! I love lockit in lucky mom...
  7. oooh i love that bag! you are soooo sweet!
  8. Love it! She will, too!
  9. It's absolutly beautiful. your mom is the luckiest woman in the world to have a son like you
  10. Absolutely stunning!!!
  11. nice choice duckie :nuts:. i think i can be your mum, will you buy me suhali bag too? :graucho:
  12. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE it! my favorite size too ;)
  13. So Hot! Congrats!
  14. That's just gorgeous, what a lucky mom!!!
  15. Love it. Congrats.
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