My first successful high-dollar sale!

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  1. I sold my first Chanel on Bonanzle!!!!! :yahoo:

    So earlier I posted this thread ( regarding my worries of selling to a buyer who wants to pay with another PayPal account. The transaction ended up being canceled (agreed mutually), and I've got a lot of advice from you guys on that thread.

    Since then I relisted my item on eBay and also listed it on Bonanzle. Because the purse is so expensive and I've seen so many scary experiences here, I've been so skeptical of the buyers and once thought that I would never be able to sell my bag. Finally, I got a reasonable offer on Bonanzle and the transaction couldn't be smoother!

    Now I have faith again! I'm just sharing this here to say thank you to this forum. Couldn't have done this without you guys :P
  2. Glad you had success!! When it all works out it really makes you feel good to have listed it in the first place.
  3. So glad you had such a smooth transaction. Hope everyone else here will have such good buyer/seller experience! Especially me! haha.. I haven't had any bites on my things lately...
  4. great news -- congrats on the sale!!
  5. congrats!!! also i loveee your maltese in your pic :smile:
  6. Yay, congrats!!! I've been selling for quite awhile now, but I still get really nervous with every high dollar's so nice when things go smoothly!
  7. Re sixela: I actually sold my purse for a slightly lower than expected price just because my guts told me that buyer was a nice one and wouldn't cause trouble... I guess if I stick to my original bottom line I'll have to wait a long time too :smile:

    Re 19flower: Thanks!!!

    Re xichic: Thank you! That's my dog Charlotte.

    Re kimalee: ITA. The risk is so high with high-value items!

    On a side note, some low-ballers are just amazing! Offered $2,000 for a brand new Chanel Jumbo??? Like seriously?? :confused1: I think I got at least 6 offers around this price..........
  8. Congrats!
    It definitely feels good when everything runs smoothly
  9. Great news!
  10. Yea! Great news!
  11. Congrats!
  12. Thanks for your good news!
  13. Great news!
  14. Congrats! It's great you sold it on Bonanzle too, since ebay fees are through the roof nowadays. Thanks for sharing your positive story!