my first strand of chanel pearls!

  1. and now i'm officially addicted! will be going back on monday to pick up the iconic pearl chokers.

    will post more pics soon and also pics of my new purse. had to snap some quick shots while bf's outside, but will retake some better pics later tonight...tehehehehe :yahoo:

  2. Ohh, I LOVE those!! Congrats!
  3. Beautiful! Congrats!
  4. Gorgeous!! I love the pearls, congratulations!! :smile:
  5. i love them too, but hope the quality will justify the price tag. i don' tknow if it's normal, but i noticed some of the pearls had an uneven surface, it's almost like they didn't lacquer it properly or something, does anyone else notice the same thing on their pearls?
  6. ^^ You will LOVE them! Congratulations! :yes:
  7. those are soooo gorgeous! If you dont mind me asking, how much did they cost? My dream accessory item is this necklace but Ive been too afraid to do "more research" (ie. go into a boutique) to enquire about them.
  8. [​IMG]here are some modeling pics



    i swear, after i get the iconic pearls, i am done! i'm officially on a shopping ban!
  9. i'm in canada, i bought them for $715 + 14% taxes. i believe they are $695 USD
  10. they're absolutely stunning!
  11. Oh my goodness! For some reason I thought they would be more than that.... uh THANK GOD they aren't! I guess I shouldn't have been that afraid to look into them. They are stunning- Congrats on the new addition to your wardrobe!
  12. I love them!!!!!
  13. tks, i love them! i have so much fun playing around with them. very excited about picking up the iconic pearls on monday. yipeeee!!!! now i really need to put myself on a ban.
  14. they look great on you, congrats!
  15. tks, did i mention I LOVE THESE PEARLS? :yes: yes i do!!!!