My First Stam!

  1. Hi ladies,

    Thanks to all your support and Gwen10's return - I got my first stam! He's a Peanut Patchwork Stam and I'm in love. It was a nice surprise that it just arrived at my office. All the girls in my office were around my desk oooh-in and ahhh-ing. I'm sure my manager loved that!

    I'll post pics when I get home :yahoo:

    The only down side is now I got one, I want another one!! Quilted black please!
  2. Congrats, can't wait for pix!
  3. Oh few, yay!!!! :yahoo::wlae::happydance:I know how badly you wanted one - congrats!!

    I can't wait to see pics!
  4. Congratulations!
  5. Congratulations! I just recently got a patchwork bag too - love it! Would love to see pictures of your new Stam!
  6. Yay! Congrats! I have the black patchwork stam and I absolutely love it. I can't wait to see pics.
  7. :woohoo: I'm so happy for you! Peanut is a beautiful color. I can't wait to see pictures! Congrats!!
  8. Congrats, I really like pw & what a great start to the week :smile:
  9. Ugh I'm so jealous. That is the bag I really want! I'm excited to see pics. Congrats!
  10. Congrats!!:heart: Welcome to the stam obsession. . .it's worse than nicotine. LOL:heart:

    Can't wait for pics!
  11. Congratulations!!! :yahoo:I am so happy for you! Maybe I can join you someday...:girlsigh:
    I can't wait to see pics!! Congrats again!!:flowers:
  12. Wow! Thats great!! Hope you enjoy her for many years!!
  13. yay! i cant wait to see pics too!

    i realllllly want a patchwork stam!! I'm trying to space out my MJ purchases since obviously they arent cheap and there arent any TDF sales currently...
  14. Thanks everyone! I love all the enabling - I don't even get buyers remorse anymore b/c of all the compliments I get here :p

    How do I upload pics in here?? You would think I would know by now!
  15. So lucky! I have yet to get my first Stam. At first I had my heart set on the quilted black but now that I have seen the new pink, I can't get it out of my mind!