My first Stam!

  1. And my first Marc Jacobs bag! I am new to the MJ forum (my collection consists of LV, Chanel, and Balenciaga and now one Marc Jacobs) and just purchased a black quilted stam. I really love the bag and think it will be a classic I can carry for years. Seems I am on an eternal quest for the perfect black handbag!

    I have a question for you seasoned MJ Stam fans: do you leave the gold chain on your bags or take it off? I like the bag both ways and am just wondering.
  2. Hey gwen! :heart: So glad you got a stam, congrats...I'm gonna be on my fourth stam, so needless to say i love them! I wear my stams with the chain on...i just love the way the gold chain hardware looks against the leather and hangs there...just makes it looks amazing IMO. :yes: It does make the bag a bit heavier, but style before comfort, right?! lol....
  3. Congratson the stam! I love that chain!
  4. Congrats:biggrin::party:
  5. Hey Gwen congrats on your new stam I hope you love it. CHAIN ON baby!!
  6. love the chain...congrats gwen! take pics and post!
  7. Thanks all! Guess what? I picked up my second Stam today as well! This one is being shipped to me, though. I got the patchwork Stam in peanut for $512! It was marked down to $612 but I have a $100 Barneys purple card that I used towards the purchase. This is the first bag I have been able to get on sale in years! LV and the Chanel and Balenciaga styles I have never go on sale.

    I will post pics when I receive both bags.

    And I think I will be leaving their chains on!:smile:

    PS Does the classic quilted Stam in black EVER go on sale?
  8. Way to go gwen10!! Congrats on your first MJ bags - you couldn't have picked a better choice than the Stam. And what an amazing deal you got on the Peanut one! :nuts: Post pics if you can and welcome to the world of MJ!!:tup:
  9. Congrats!! Sounds like you have a nice MJ set of stams. I'm glad you're adding more MJs to your collection.
  10. What a great price you got on the peanut stam! I can't wait to see your pictures!
  11. congrats!! do you guys find the stam is hard to open at all?
  12. Jacqui - I have noticed that some of the kiss locks can be harder to open. When I bought my black stam the display model was literally impossible to open - even the SA couldn't open it. She brought me another from the back and it was much easier to open. So if you have problems just ask if the store has more bags in the back you can look at. Or if buying over the phone have the SA carefully inspect the bag and make sure the kiss lock opens easily.
  13. thanks gwen! that's a great tip. i've been looking at a brown stam on sale for 962 at holts, nowhere near your great price on the peanut patchwork but i've been wanting it for a while :smile: enjoy your purses!