My first Stam... which one??

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  1. I have wanted a Stam for a while now but I'm finding it really hard to decide on a colour. All I know is that I don't want it to be black. I was looking at the other neutral colours available such as the almond or white chiffon but I haven't seen them irl. Any suggestions and insights would be most appreciated.

  2. i just bought an almond stam and i LOVE it, it's so beautiful! for me the white would look to dressy/girly for everyday use, but it's definitely a personal preference! i wanted to see the mouse irl but never had an opportunity to, i hear it's really pretty too..
  3. Well what kind of colors do you wear everyday?
  4. Topaz is a nice shade of teal/greenish-blue, but I know a lot of people said they don't think it goes well with jeans.

    My vote is for white chiffon simply because I like the contrast of the gold hardware with the light color. However, starkitten has a good point that it may be kind of dressy for everyday wear.

    I agree with e, what kind of clothes do you normally wear?
    Are you typically a more casual dresser, or do you dress up a lot?
  5. Even though you say you don't want black, I like the black stam best (obvously). I just got a black stam and I'm in love with it. HOWEVER, I'm still worried that it's more of a trend than a classic. But it goes with everything: jeans and a pea coat during the day and even with something dressy for a night out. That's what I love about it. I wouldn't go with white chiffon. I would be too conscious of getting it dirty. I think the topaz is gorgeous but I wouldn't be able to incorporate it into my wardrope.
  6. The white chiffon will get filthy, no matter how good you look after it, i have it and i look after all my bags really well, but i know its going to get dirty eventually. I also bought the topaz this evening, and i really love it. I cant return it, ive fallen in love.
  7. If you're thinking about the current color. I would go for Almond. I like cobalt too but you want something neutral, right? Almond! :nuts:
  8. I saw the Stam in Cashew last night. It's really pretty - a very rich color for Winter and also light enough for warmer seasons. Also won't be as easy to dirty as the whiter colors. Believe me, that IS a problem. I have a white Sophia and it shows dirt and color rub-off from clothes (teal green dress + white purse = :cursing:)

  9. it's almost summer where i am so i will be wearing a lot more lighter clothes, although i practically live in black when it's colder.
  10. thanks for the tips and comments, everyone!

    i will go with the almond stam! :yes: :yes:
  11. Yay! Post pics! I saw it today and it was very pretty.
  12. JRed, cobalt would look really nice in summer with light coloured clothes, but I think almond would be an all-rounder. So almond is my choice. Good luck!
  13. i dont like topaz, because it's too close to the knock-off petrol colors the fakers acame out with.

    chiffon is gorgeous, but i wouldn't be able to keep it clean if my life depended on it, and i wouldn't want a bag that would make me beyond paranoid when i used it.

    almond is a gorgeous color and i would think quite versatile.

    mouse is close to the taupe of the first season, but it seems it's an either love or hate color with people.

    out of the current colors, i'd go with almond! although my favorite colors are taupe, cola and violet.
  14. i am not having much luck tracking down an almond stam at the moment (i'm overseas). is cashew a good substitute?
  15. Cashew is a bit darker... more tan I would say.. but it's a beautiful color nonetheless... I think I prefer this color more than Almond, but I don't know if it's still available anywhere. Check with ctm19 where she saw it last.