MY FIRST STAM =) What color is this?????

  1. Hi, I bought this pre-loved.
    The chain on the left side is where the boo-boo is~ I have to take it to a leather repair shop, HOPING they can fix it!!!

    Anyhow, I'm SOOOO happy with this purchase.
    I had previously bought the Ivory Patchwork Stam off NAP & wasn't crazy about it so I returned it. Then I found this on eBay, bought it & FELL IN LOVE WITH IT WHEN I OPENED UP THE BOX!!!!!!!!!!!

    It's as Fall 06. Can you guys tell me the actual color of this bag?



  2. looks like cashew, i have the stam hobo in this color
  3. Yup, it's cashew. Pretty color! Congrats!
  4. why does it look more like mouse to me?
  5. Pretty!!!! Love this color.
  6. Nice!!!
  7. I'm so happy you found a Stam you love! Congrats!!
  8. :heart:Congrats! Color is beautiful and it looks great on you.:heart:
  9. thanks everyone!!!!

    spaceyjacy, did u get ur topaz yet?? :heart: post pics!!
  10. I did, I did! It came yesterday and I LOVE it!!!:love:

    Pics are not great but you get the idea. . .:heart:


    we got such awesome deals! im so happy~
    you live in CT, rite??
    do u know any good leather repair shops in CT?
  12. It's beautiful! It really looks great on you! And I like your coat too.