My first stam is being returned....:-(

  1. Yes, my very first quilted stam in mouse is going back to eluxury because the stitching started to come out after less than 1 month.
    I'm soooooo sad, and reluctant to buy another stam, but I loved this bag so much.
    I just felt that for this price the stitching shouldn't come out, so it's being returned as defective. Maybe I'll get another stam, sigh.......

    anyone else have this problem?
    Anyone else have another bag recommendation?
    I must fill this hole left in my heart (lol)

  2. i've never had a problem with stitches coming undone on my stam or any of my other quilted bags for that matter. it must have just been the bag. are you sure you can't contact to see if they can fix it for you? they'll do it free of charge. i believe the mouse stam still falls under their year and a half window, so it shouldn't be a problem. actually, i've even heard of them fixing older bags without giving any hassle.
  3. Is it regular stam or stam hobo? I've been looking for the reg stam in mouse.
  4. It was the stam hobo from eluxury that was under their private sale for 899. Hopefully eluxury will not try to resell it, but return it back to MJ. Don't know what they do with defected merchandise.
  5. Maybe I just got a defected stam, oh well, my other 2 MJ bags are in perfect condition with NO stitching issues, so I know that MJ bags are high quality and they are wonderful, but this one just wasn't meant to be, oh well.
  6. Maybe you can tell them the problem and they will give you more discount?
  7. Good Luck!!