My first Spy.... I am so excited!

  1. I ordered my first Spy bag from Sabines Boutique!! I can't wait to get it! It is the zucca print with tortoise handles. i will post pics as soon as i get it. I want to attach the link but am having trouble. can anyone help!

  2. sorry don't know how to attatch a link, but congrats on scoring a beautiful classic!
  3. I think if you bring up the link on tool bar then "copy". Then come here, post your message, then under that "paste"? Good luck, the bag sounds really pretty, can't wait to see the pic.
  4. Congrats....Wear it in good health
  5. Very pretty! Enjoy, I don't blame you for being excited.
  6. Oooh- congrats! Pls post pics when it arrives! Very excited for you. :smile:
  7. Congrats! Post modeling pics!
  8. Congrats! Now what are you going to get for your 2nd spy? ;)