My First Speedy!

  1. In light of the price increase, I got myself a mono Speedy 35 yesterday and I love it! Problem is, I can't use it yet as I really have been a little heavy handed with the credit cards and LV this fall/xmas. I was planning on getting it in the spring/early summer, by then my husband wouldn't care. So for now I must look at her on the sly-but I can take it out during the day when DH is at work-so I can use it a little. I REALLY love it!! I didn't think I'd ever get one cause for years I didn't like them but then I saw the light!
  2. Oooh! A sneaky handbag purchase! Did you have to smuggle her into the house?

    Congrats on your purchase. Hopefully she won't remain in the closet for long. Until then, it's our little secret.
  3. Congrats!!! Just be careful for patina!! Would he notice if you said "I got a new bag" in 3 months and it already had patina, lol??
  4. Congrats!! post pic soon :yahoo:
  5. No I didn't have to sneak her in (I've had to do that before!lol), he was at work! Pics soon when I figure out how to make phone pic file size "smaller" for TPF requirements (help anyone?) did take pics w my camera but haven't had time to download them!

    ps thanks for keeping my secret!!
  6. Ooh good point, but he doesn't know about patina. He's a very smart guy, could cut you open and sew you up again (a surgeon), but he knows squat about vachetta and patina!!! lol
  7. Congrats!!:tup::woohoo: Is this your first time with a 35? How do you like the size? I bought a 30 but am considering a 35 for my next purchase! I'm short but I LOVE big bags! Can't wait to see your pics!!!
  8. Hee hee! I know the feeling! I have an Azur Speedy coming next week because of the increase and I canNOT pull it out until at least March. (because I just bought a Damier Ebene Speedy).

    Tell us how you like the 35, I'm considering getting one!! Do you have modeling pics?
  9. Congrats!
  10. congratz on the Speedy! U will love her!
  11. congrats! the speedy is a classic.
  12. Congrats! Pls. model with your new "baby"!
  13. Congrats! I have been using my speedy 35 every day since I got it, I JUST LOVE IT!!! Hopefully time will fly and then you can use her...that would just kill me to have it there and not use it lol
  14. Congrats!! Love the speedy!
  15. ahh~! congrats!!!