My first speedy .. size wise?

  1. Hello there .. I just got my first speedy. :graucho:
    I'm so happy, there are stars all over my face. :p
    It's a 30, no question that the Azur is so gorgeous.

    I'm not sure if it looks too big on me or not.
    I mean like is it too big compared to my body?
    I don't wanna look like I steal my mom's bag or something. :nuts:

    Should I keep or go with a speedy 25 instead?


    Pardon my outfit .. errand running day. :supacool:



  2. I think the 30 is a great size on you it's a pretty good all round size too. If your not happy swap it but I think it looks great Congrats on your 1st speedy
  3. keep it. it looks great on you.
  4. Looks great!
  5. You look great with the 30! I have it in damier.

    You are the one who will be carrying if you think it's too big, just exchange to a 25.:tup:
  6. Love the damier model that speedy well. I'ts a keeper, IMO.
  7. I find the speedy 30 is a little big for everyday use, and use the 25 more.

    It really depends on how much you carry - but it looks fine!
  8. Love the 30. It looks great on you! I find the 25 a little too small for my needs.
  9. the 30 looks fabulous on you, but I think the 25 might look even better.
  10. It is a gorgeous bag, but does look very large...some people love that look though...
  11. It looks fine to me. I'm only 5'0 and I carry the speedy 30 all the time because I just love the extra space in case I need to carry a sweater.
  12. Thanks everyone for your inputs. :flowers:
  13. Looks great! Keep it!!
  14. looks great, but i think a 25 might fit your small body better!
  15. I think it looks great on you!