My first speedy... Damier ebene 35.


Jan 11, 2007
Los Angeles
This is my first time sharing an LV purchase. Usually, I get so excited about what I got that I never think to post it. I've been waiting anxiously to pick up a Damier piece and narrowed it down to the Neverfull GM and Speedy 35. Guess which one I picked!

My SO was sweet enough to gift me this bag as an early Valentine's day present. Here are some modeling pics and an "in action" pic of me at Stearns Wharf in Santa Barbara.

The bag doesn't have a slouch in the second photo because I had a spiral notebook laid flat inside (fits perfectly!). I'll be using this as a daily bag for school--I never bring anything more than a couple of notebooks and pens anyway. For reference, I'm 5'4" and 105 lbs (163 cm and 47.6 kg). I know there was another member with similar measurements contemplating the 30/35, so I hope this helps. :smile:

I actually picked the NF GM first because I'm more of a shoulder bag gal, but I couldn't stop thinking about the speedy I tried on. Also, when I got home and filled it up I noticed that I could see all of the contents of my bag! I can see how the NF would make for a great travel bag, but I needed something with a zipper. Sidenote: When I asked my wonderful SA if the NF was intended to be a reversible bag, he was completely taken aback and told me NO. :shrugs: Does anyone actually wear it inside out?

I love oversized bags, so there was no question in my mind as to which size speedy I would choose. I returned the NF the next day for the Damier speedy 35. I know this next tidbit may seem a little silly, but when I opened my gift in the car and noticed the made in France stamp I was over the moon! It was a nice detail that made my first speedy that much more special. Anyway, thanks for letting me share. I don't think anyone outside of TPF would've cared. :P



great choice! the damier ebene speedy is a classic and the 35 size is perfect for every day!


Louis Vuitton Addict
Oct 30, 2006
Gorgeous, I'm sure you will have many more Speedy bags, now you've started. Has to be my favourite LV style!