my first speedy, and it's cerises

  1. OMG, i've been really bad today. i go to my fave 2nd hand boutique to grab my balenciaga, and there sitting among other LV's is the :amazed: cerises speedy. i grab it and checked the condition, it's in pristine condition, the handles still clean, still have lock and keys. booklet, and dustbag. :hysteric: i went crazy... but act cool so they won't give me BIG price.
    i never get crazy about this speedy until i saw it IRL. it's gorgeous and it's so light, and to see that MC speedy get scratch easily on the logo & colours, i figures that cerises is a better option for me.
    and i ended up going home with 2 bags :girlsigh:
    please tell me that it's a good deal so i can :sleepy: well tonight...
    btw, it's less than 1000$
    DSCN1249.jpg DSCN1250.jpg DSCN1251.jpg DSCN1252.jpg DSCN1255.jpg DSCN1256.jpg DSCN1258.jpg DSCN1259.jpg
  2. Oooohh WOW! Congrats!:love: It's a great deal! You lucky:devil: .I bet you're too excited to sleep anyway!:smile: :happydance:
  3. Oh lucky!!!! It's fate =)

  4. Congrats! Very lucky! I love the Cerises Speedy!
  5. congrats!!!
  6. thanks... :P when i got home i read the post about let trade almosy buying a fake cerises and i got panick about mine, but when i check, it think it's authentic... i :love: it so much i'm getting crazy :P
  7. how lucky are you :smile: thats awesome,
  8. i know i've been lucky this month, i got several rare balenciaga too... but my pocket's not that lucky ha ha ha
  9. Congrats on your purchase !
  10. GORGEOUS bag!!!:love: CONGRATS!:yes:
  11. Congrats!
    The cerises Speedys always put a smile on my face :smile:
    She's a beauty!!
  12. Oh, congrats..!

    Why is everyone getting a speedy except me..? :hysteric: I felt so left out..! I've been wanting one so badly... And I must say, yours is definitely a great deal..!
  13. Congrats!! Great find!!
  14. what a beauty~!!
  15. Congrats! It's beautiful! I've got a Pochette Accessories coming my way and it'll be my first Cerises item.
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