My first SF love: Sofia 35 clementine

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  1. The first time I saw Sofia 35 clementine, I falled in love with it. I love the elegant shape, the soft leather, the bright color and shiny gancio metal decoration details of it.
    When it was on sale this July, I decided to buy one. I purchased on UK online store for 730 GBP.
    I'm totally satisfied with it. The real bag is even more beautiful outside than in the website picture. However, because the leather is too soft, so I always need to put something inside to keep the bag strutured.
    Sofia 1.jpg Sofia 2.jpg Sofia 3.jpg
  2. I love the Ferragamo Sofia, even more than a Kelly. It is such a beautiful, well made bag. I have a pink ostrich Sofia and it was truly love at first sight. The opening mechanism is easy to use and very quick and the bag is so comfortable to carry. Good thing is that I´ve never seen another Sofia in my city, so not many people recognize it here and that makes it more "my bag". I use my Sofia more than a Chanel.
  3. This is a gorgeous bag! I can see why you fell for it. I would love to have one of these...
  4. Gorgeous. I love it.
  5. Wow, absolutely stunning! Enjoy her! Yes, I totally agree with all the great comments about the Sofia. It is slightly structured and classic lady-like, yet can be casual too. And so practical to use.
  6. Beautiful, and I love the color especially!
  7. Absolutely beautiful, congrats on your new addition!!
  8. LOVE this color!
  9. very beautiful & i love it, congrats!
  10. How cute!
  11. I wasn't in TFP for a long time. Now I'm back and feel sorry for missing your comments on this post. Thanks all for your kindly compliments.
  12. This is gorgeous!!
  13. Model! Model! :smile:
  14. Oh wait...this is from 2012...nm! I thought it was a new reveal.
  15. Since your thread was resurrected, do you still have this bag. Are you happy with it? Do you mind posting some modeling pictures?

    I love that orangey-red color!