My first SF flat

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    Great sales at holts today... Yellow was $435 down to $299... Black was $545 down to $319!!!
  2. Great deals! I see you are Toronto, I should check out Vancouver HR. I love the yellow one. Do you know if there were other colours on special? Thanks!
  3. Tiffany blue is also mark down to $299
  4. Thanks SCI, I went to HR in Vancouver today and it was a zoo in the shoe area. I saw the same ones you saw - yellow and blue for 299, black suede for 319 and I also saw the pink one with metal studs but can't remember the price. Didn't buy though, cause the SA's were so busy I only had the left feet to try on! She said, the Rights are on the rack somewhere...
  5. I was at both the Holts on Bloor and at Yorkdale yesterday - a complete zoo at both! I've really got to commend the SAs - they were surprisingly calm and polite after what I'm assuming are crazy days. I picked up a pair of yellow Varinas myself...I'm already scouting out my next colour :graucho:
  6. These are very pretty! I didn't check out HR as I didn't want to deal with the crowd. Went to the Ferragamo Store but no sale until June 14. Are these comfortable? I don't have any Ferragamo flats. I only have pumps, loafers and sandals. I have been thinking about getting a pair of flats.
  7. I love these. Great flats.

    I need wide and can't find these in wide, so I am doing the customized ones. It takes 7-9 weeks to get them, but I'm sure worth the wait.

  8. I love the yellow one!!!
  9. Do you know which flats would be on sale at the Ferragamo store? Thanks! :smile:
  10. The yellow one is fab
  11. I'm eying these too at Holts! does anyone know if they are TTS or do people usually go half a size up?
  12. I don't know for sure which ones. The SA just pointed to the flats section with Varinas and the ones with elastic back. She said older colours. Not sure what they are. The SA highly recommends those Darly wedges. I tried them and they are quite comfortable. I know those will be on sale.
  13. I went to the boutique in Vancouver over the weekend (it was a zoo in there) and the SA told me only the orange-red varinas will be on sale. :sad:
  14. Really?!? The sale doesn't even start until tomorrow. Sigh...I should've braved the HR crowd then. I was hoping to get a pair of flats. Guess I will have to check the US reseller sites.
  15. Yes and he actually told me the sale is today!