My first second-hand LV! (pictures!)

  1. Hey everyone!

    I won two items on eBay in the last week and here is the first one, the Ellipse PM!
    I also won a Musette (mono), I think it will arrive today!

    Ooooh it's so preeeeeetttyyyyyyyyy :nuts:

    A view from the side


    The datecode, I know 1010 means november 2000, but MI?


    With my accessories!
  2. Meet your new friend Cabas Mezzo!

    I bought the Cabas Mezzo 1.5 years ago (the patina is coming on slowwwwly), and the Ellipse is from 2000 and already has a beautiful honey color!

    I love my new bag!!

    It's quite a size differerence compared to my humongous cabas mezzo, but it's still roomier than I thought it would be! Which is good, because I'm a big bag kinda girl! :love:

    Enjoy the pictures, I'll also post pictures of the Musette when dear mister mailman arrives:tup:.

  3. Congratulations on both bags...
    You are very lucky...
    Ellipse is great and it seems well cared-for...Did you buy it at a good price??
    Your accessories are beautiful as well...
  4. Oh yes it's certainly well cared for! I got it for 240 euros (= $353 or 180 GBP), and it's like 680-700 euros if I would've bought it at LV! I saved up for it (and the Musette) for quite a while, I'm a student and only have a weekend job, which makes it so much better now that I finally got to spend it!
  5. Congrats on a classic :nuts:
  6. 240 euros??????????
    I ask myself why I never buy from the internet...Oh my god...
    Could you PM me with the seller's name to have him in mind???
    Did you authenticate it first?
    Congrats on your smart purchases as well...the price of the musette?
    Sorry to ask...
  7. Congratulations!
  8. congrats!! wow that's a gorgeous ellipse!! i've never looked twice on an ellipse before,but that IS hot! and i'm not a patina fan, but i love the patina with that ellipse! gorgeous! it looks so good on you! :tup:
  9. congrats mandy!
    and i luv luv luvvv your pomme agenda!

    Btw i don't know if you allready know but they will show the LV/Marc Jacobs docu on sunday, Nederland 2 18:15!!
  10. Congrats - beautiful bag in good condition!
  11. wow! she's in beautiful shape! congratulations! she looks great on you!
  12. Congrats and enjoy your new pieces
  13. Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!! :nuts:
  14. What a pretty Ellipse and congrats on your fab musette! What great choices!
  15. love it ! congrats !