My first SDJ - embossed white croc!

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  1. Introducing my new Baby SDJ in white croc! This is my first YSL and I've been contemplating one since last sumer but I could never decide on a color. This one caught my eye and it was a no-brainer! She is the perfect summer bag.
    I was only going to get one item but the SA pulled out a matching card wallet and it was game over for me.

    :yahoo:Thanks for letting me share! The color tends to change depending on the lighting but it is an off-white.

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  2. 2 more photos for mod shots. For reference, I am 5'7"

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  3. So gorgeous!! This bag looks so good on you!! I actually purchased this bag also but ended up returning because I was hoping for a more white color than the off-white. I'm seeing some online that are advertised as "pearl white" or "blanc" and I hope I can pull the trigger soon and we can be bag twins :P

    Seriously though, you look great!! I'm obsessed with croc right now. And that card holder is a good match :smile:
  4. Off topic, but I love the stickers you used on your pics! Is it an app?
  5. Congrats on both your SDJ and card holder. They're both beautiful! The baby size suits your frame so well and I thought you went with the red card holder based on the other thread but you couldn't go wrong with either. I'd love to hear your thoughts on the quality of the card holder if possible. I've been eyeing a nice card holder from Saint Laurent but haven't brought myself to purchase one yet. Anyway, enjoy them in good health dear! :smile:
  6. Thank you so much! A true white would be stunning :smile: Yes, let me know when you get one so we can be twins!

    Yes, it's called Line Camera for the iPhone. There are a bunch of editing capabilities as well, but I love the stickers the most!

    Ooooh yes my other thread! I was so convinced I wanted the red, but then I realized that the interior of some of my LV's are red, and that made me reconsider. Plus, this SA ended up finding a matching croc print so I was sold! The black one in my other thread had a different print on it.
    I've only just started using the card holder (apparently it is called the fragments zipped case), so I will keep you posted! One advantage over the card holder is that it has a zipper on top, which is nice for my building's key fob.
  7. Gorgeous, SL does a great job with croc embossing! Congrats :biggrin:
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  8. They really do. Thanks so much!!
  9. ❤️
  10. Very nice!!!!
  11. Any chance you could post more modeling pictures :heart: ?