My First Scarf!!!

  1. I went to Coach at lunch today cos I couldn't stand it any more... I just had to pat bags.... that chocolate Ergo is so yummy... and they had the chili Carly and she is TDF...

    But I didn't buy a bag....I'm grounded from buying any bags til next month (THANK THE LORD that's just a week and a day away! haha).... but I decided it was time for my Carly Demi to have a scarf.... so I bought the Optic Sig Ponytail Scarf in black!!!!

    I'll post pics of my lil Carly dressed up tonight!!! :yahoo:
  2. That's a cute scarf...can't wait to see it on your demi!! I can't buy anything until next month as well but I'm itching to go and see all the new stuff.
  3. I love that scarf! yeah!!! Can't wait to see the pics! :woohoo: