My first scarf; the beginning of a beautiful friendship

  1. I got some wonderful H goodies in the mail today, sure brightened up a girls friday!

    Hommage a Shackelton scarf arrived, perfect, the colour goes great with my skintone. The size is great and the image is so beautiful!

    I also got Hermessence scents and a scarf booklet which gives me instruction on how to tie it in more exciting ways than the ones pictured. Thank you so much Perja:heart::heart::heart:
    Kuva 1511.jpg Kuva 1515.jpg Kuva 1523.jpg Kuva 1524.jpg
  2. What a lovely scarf! I just got my first one recently too... they are so lovely and addicting aren't they?!
  3. WOW!

    What a fantastic first scarf. I love that one. Congrats, Nola! You're well on your way, now. :yahoo:
  4. Beautiful scarf, looks gorgeous on you. Congrats!!!
  5. Oh Nola, you look so beautiful. Just as I was telling my SA the other day, that scarf would have suited an icy nordic blonde... You look fabulous.

    I'm pissed off at the postal service though... Look at the state of the box!!
  6. Congratulations. That scarf is absolutely gorgeous.
  7. That scarf has such beautiful blues and they are perfect. for you
  8. gorgeous! congrats! it's a slippery slope from here!
  9. Nola Nola NOLA! That Shackleton is just spectacular on you!! You wear it very well - just beautiful! I have this in pink and have not seen the blue worn - I think that c/w was Made For You! Big congratulations! :heart:
  10. Thank you all so much:heart: I´m so excited, can´t wait to wear it out!
  11. Congratulations Nola! I've never seen that pattern before--absolutely beautiful and it looks gorgeous on you! An excellent choice!
  12. Congratulations Nola! I've always loved that scarf--the penguins are so cute! And that color looks gorgeous on you.
  13. Pretty! Enjoy...
  14. Very pretty! Congratulations Nola!!!
  15. that scarf is gorgeous on you!! congratulations, and have fun with it!! :smile: