My first scarf and my other extra gift is here!!!

  1. Here she is, pink colorway Kelly en Caleche 70x70 scarf, scarf knotting cards and the one thing I didnt know - Kelly Caleche perfume!!!





  2. woohooo all excellent! love the scarf and the perfume is divine! i'm addicted! nice mommy!
  3. Wow! Wonderful! I have smelled the Kelly Caleche and LOVE it! Love the scarf, everything! Congratulations!
  4. Lovely! Enjoy it all.
  5. wonderful Mai Britt !

    how is the perfume to the nose- is it sweet or spicey ? ?
  6. nice
  7. Congrats on your lovely things. I think a scarf is on my wish list
  8. Congratulations!!! What a great gift! Thanks for sharing. I love the colorway of that scarf, it is beautiful!!
  9. Such gorgeous things! Congratulations Mai!
  10. Grattis! What a nice gift! That is a wonderful scarf. I really love the 70x70 scarves. The vintage silk is so smoothe and it's easy to tie.:heart:
    Hope you are recovering well after your surgery.
  11. Congrats to the Kelly Caleche too. That is one addictive scent!
  12. Beautiful scarf!
  13. What a cute scarf :smile: Congratulations!
  14. congrats! may it be the first of many!