My First RMs! MAM and Matinee!

  1. I got my MAM in black stone wash and Matinee in midnight/pewter yesterday. :yahoo: I also got the Kiss and Make Up in sage stamp last Friday in the mail. I've been stalking my mailbox at school non-stop. I'm so glad that I finally have them.

    I have to choose between the MAM and Matinee because I can't afford to have both. I love both bags so much. I've been trying to get my friends to help me choose but they're not really helping. The leather on the MAM is soft, the bag is smaller and it fits me because of my height. (I'm really short, 4'11" almost 5ft.) But whenever I try on the Matinee it makes me want it over the MAM even though it's kind of big. I really love the midnight color but the leather is kind of stiff compared to the MAM.

    I really want to get my mom's opinion but she doesn't know I bought these. She would yell at me for buying it. So I decided that I will show her the bag that I choose after chinese new year. I'll tell her that I used that money and I'll cut the price in half. I know it's bad...she keeps telling me stop looking at stuff online and focus on school. :p




    So...which one should I keep?
  2. Congrats! I love both. The matinee is more unique IMO while the MAM is pretty classic. However, I'd go with the matinee. I love the organization of it and with the pewter, I think it would be great for nights out! Think about which one you would regret selling/returning and keep that one. Let us know what you decide!
  3. i love your sage stamp!! i can't decide between the two either~~ sorry i'm not really helping am i?
  4. I completely agree w/ both but I'd also go with the seems like ur heart does too...And lawgirl is right that the matinee esp. w/the pewter would be great for nights out and it is just a really fun bag to carry.
    let us know which one you choose!
  5. I like the MAM alot, I have one in another colour and it's a great bag, but the pewter on the matinee is really nice! I can never make a decision so I'm sorry I can't be of any help. I think I agree with Lawgirl on this though and you seem to really like the matinee...good luck deciding!
  6. That's totally something I would do with my Mom too. When somethings expensive I reduce the price I spent on it and only tell my sister the real cost. When I went home at Christmas, I deliberately left all my expensive clothes in New York because she would freak out and tell me to save all my money instead of spending it. And I packed stuff that I got good deals on so I could say "it's new, but it only cost $30." This is someone who uses and owns only one purse at a time for a period of at least 5 years.
  7. YAY! Gorgeous bags! Congratulations! I especially love your MA!
  8. I like the matinee better. The leather will get softer. Mine's already starting to soften up. I like it because it has more compartments then my MAM and I think the matinee is more unique. I'd just get a different color in a MAM at the next sample sale, so perhaps you could get a more unique color then black.
  9. I vote for the Matinee, because personally I like how many pockets it has (and it looks really hot too eh?) -- helps me organize my not so organized life hahaha!
  10. I prefer the MAM, not just because I think it might suit your petite frame better but also because I think it's such a classic bag, you will carry it forever.
  11. I think you should go for the Matinee because it's young looking and probably more age appropriate for you. Love your sage stamp pouch too!! You have great taste!!!
  12. omg!! i :heart: your kiss and make up stamp!!! it's TDF!! :drool: where did you get that? I'm so envious right now- congrats!! you'll love either one you decide to keep!
  13. I vote for the MAM because its a classic and it would look better on your frame. I love your kiss & make up bag! :heart: Where did you get it from & how much if I may ask? :flowers: Good luck in deciding! ;)
  14. Slowdear, your room looks like a dorm! Am I right? Just being nosy! =)
  15. Thanks to all of you for helping me. I'm still having a hard time to deciding. I'm also thinking that maybe I should sell both and get a tangerine MAM because that color is so gorgeous. My friend said that I'm just complicating myself more like this. :push:

    I got the kiss and make up from the leftover sample sale. It's actually a green not sage. I got mixed up because I ordered the sage but got the green.

    It is a dorm. I live at school on the weekdays and home on the weekends. Living at school is how I was able to order my RM bags without my mother knowing. I had it shipped to school. :p