My First RM: Mini Nikki or Nikki?

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  1. Hi Everyone, I’m interested in buying my first RM bag and I lean toward Mini Nikki or Nikki. However, I have never seen them in real life so I’m not so sure about the size and weight. I’m 5 foot even and 89 lbs. Do you think which one will suit me better? One more thing, I can’t use a heavy bag. I consider Balenciaga City regular hardware (1.3 lbs) is already a bit heavy for me. Does anyone know whether Mini Nikki or Nikki is heavier than Bal City? Thanks! :biggrin:
  2. Hi! A lot of girls on here prefer the Nikki to the Mini Nikki. I have issues with heavy bags and generally prefer smaller bags as I don’t carry much day to day, so I prefer the Mini Nikki. However, I’m not sure that there is a noticeable difference in weight between the two--but girls who have tried both might want to chime in. I don’t own any Bals, so I can’t help you there. For your petite frame, the Mini Nikki might be a better match. I’m not sure how much it weighs though :P
  3. I haven't tried either Nikki but for me I would go the mini nikki. I'm 5'2" and I don't like heavy bags either. In Bals I prefer the twiggy style over the city for reference.

    I think maybe a mini would be better for you.
  4. i agree that you will most likely prefer the mini nikki. at 5'4" and 115 lbs, i still feel that the regular nikki overwhelms my frame.
  5. Hi and welcome!

    In my experience, I found the Nikki to be too a deep, black hole that my stuff would get lost in! Mini Nikki is perfect for me (134 pounds, 5'5 tall).

    Good luck and hope this decision: what color mini nikki!!??
  6. I agree with everyone else. I think the mini nikki would be perfect for you, unless you just really like big bags. I am tall, and I still prefer the mini! To me it's the perfect size.
  7. I would suggest the Mini.

    I have a regular Nikki & although I don't find it big at all, from the measurements you've provided, I think the mini would suit you best!'s a gorgeous bag!
  8. I'm petite, and love the mini nikki. Its the perfect size for me, and isn't really that small!
  9. I agree with the others who've already posted. I think the Mini Nikki would suit you better than a Nikki. I'm 5'1, 110lbs and love my city in rh. I understand what you mean about the heaviness. I too hate heavy bags. I think the Mini Nikki would be okay.
  10. Go with the Mini Nikki. I am 5'10" 130 and it looks huge on me! Its a bottomless pit and I can't for the life of me find anything that i put in it. That is personal preference however, many girls here will tell you to go for the regular Nikki and have no issue with the size. Weight though is another issue. RM bags aren't the lightest around. They aren't known for their weight like Chloe or other bags but the leather on all the bags is very thick. Some of the Bals that I've had have much thinner leather. I don't have a scale with me so I can't weigh my bag, but it is at at least a pound or so. I think that the Mini on your frame would look the best. Very proportionate compared to the regular Nikki.
  11. I say get the regular sized nikki. It much be a slouchy leather though because it makes it look smaller. Ive tried on the mini nikki and I just dont like the way it hangs/slouches.
  12. I am 5'1", and I found min-nikki perfect size for me.
    It's not too heavy and holds a lot.

    I happen to have a close model shot of mini-nikki just FYI :happydance:

  13. ^ Thanks for the modelling pic! Does the top slouch down at all on the mini? It reminds of the Gucci horsebit hobo I had and it used to annoy me no end to have to take it off my shoulder to dig through it. Can you rifle through the bag whilst it's still on your shoulder at all? Sorry, don't mean to hijack the thread, just want a bit more info before I cave in and buy one! :rolleyes:
  14. The top do slouch down on the Mini if you don't fill it up & if the leather is already broken in. But you have to get it off your shoulder to reach for things inside. The height of the bag & the handle clearance makes it difficult to have it on the shoulders & still rummage through it.

    As for the weight, IMO RH City is lighter than even the Mini Nikki. The Nikki is way heavier. But I've had pretty heavy City(Vert Thyme whose leather was really thick, EB was very thin & super weightless light). Leather also makes quite a bit of difference. Some RM pebbled leather can be quite heavy.
  15. ^ Thanks! I thought as much.