My First RH Bag Reveal! But is it a keeper?

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  1. #1 Oct 8, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 8, 2010
    Hi everyone!

    Having seen lesser reveals this month its been a low month on the forum, but it has made me more anxious on which bag to get next. As some of you know I'm a die hard GH fan. The other day I happened to be shopping and stopped by Bergdorf Goodman in NYC and came out getting a Black RH City. My first RH Bag! It's a Fall/Winter 09 bag. I know it's a bag many Balenciaga owners have already so this reveal is going to be a quick one.

    After having it for a day, I really like the bag but do you think this is a keeper? I am having second thoughts because I bought this at retail price plus tax. It is also an impulse buy too so this is why I'm so confused. Should I return it and get a Black RGGH Town which I'm also thinking of getting or hold out for something from S/S 11?

    This is the current collection I also have at the moment if this helps. Do you think I already have too many dark colors like anthra and black or do you think because of the hardware it diversifies my collection.
    09 F/W Black GGH City
    07 F/W Black GGH Day
    09 F/W Galet GGH Pom Pom
    10 F/W Anthra RGGH City
    10 F/W Seigle RGGH Day

    Here is my 09 F/W Black RH City I got yesterday.




  2. First of all, the bag is gorgeous!
    I usually say, if you're not sure then it's probably not the right bag but perhaps in this case it's just a matter of getting used to the RH?
    Looking at your collection, a black RH City is a great choice :yes:
  3. I think it's a great bag!! The leather looks really yummy. But again, if you're having second thoughts, it is perhaps not the right bag for you (or not at the right moment)... For me (I have limited funds as I'm saving up to buy a house. I try to control myself to 2-3 bag purchases per year), if I'm to buy a bag, I'd try to diversify by colors/style... To me, it would be more bang for the buck.

    I'd probably hold out for SS 2011 stuff too, as black RH bags are always available...? I'd also think it would be easier to find it in cheaper prices as well.
  4. I think it's lovely - the leather looks great! But if you have any doubts it's really not worth keeping - I've made too many expensive mistakes myself!
  5. oh my, the leather on this bag is amazing!!
  6. Oh! The leather does look amazing! But, it is only a keeper if you want to keep it. I feel like a broken record sometimes, though, because I always say (as others do, too), that there is nothing like a classic Black City. My guess is that you will reach for it more than you think if you decide to keep it. From your pictures, it looks like a really nice one, and, sometimes, a really nice one is hard to find for some reason. As far as full price, there are better deals to be had if you want to go the auction route, but, the flip side is that there are usually no returns if you don't like it. Good luck with your decision and let us know what you decide :smile:
  7. ^^ ita!
  8. Oh the leather is beautiful, congrats! I think you just need to get used to RH and IMO no you can never have too many black bags! :smile:
  9. I just got a FW 09 Black RH City off Bonanzle too and it looks exactly the same with gorgeous leather... the only thing is I bought mine for way less than retail in brand new condition. I think you should return her and save money by buying somewhere else. Personally I'd only pay retail for current bags or if it's my HG. I still think your collection needs a black RH city but maybe not atm!
  10. Gorgeous leather, but like the ladies above have already noted, there is no point in keeping her if you aren't totally head-over-heels with her.
  11. Since you aren't 100% sure and you already have a black city and anthra city, I would go for the black rggh town! :graucho:
  12. Wow. That bag is fabulous. I would never ever be able to give her back, but then, I don't have as many bags as you...... it would be a tough decision for me, better listen to the other girls.... I love the black, dark bags cause you don't see the darkening of the handles. I find myself using the shoulder strap on my ciel and trying not to touch the handles so they don't darken.... I think a dark bag will be my next purchase. I adore your new bag!
  13. ^^^
    Is that you veronika?
    That's a thrilling avatar. Romantic, action packed and beautiful animals. (nice horses too) :smile:

    So 2shai...It is a great looking bag. Hard decision. Take a day or so...sleep on it.
  14. agree with others,it is a gorgeous bag for sure,great leather...but you seems to be a "giant" girl ,then 2010 rggh town is tdf.....i would probaly change for it
  15. I find that the RH Bbags are lighter, more effortless.. great for everyday use especially that it's black. I guess it takes some getting use to, since you've been carrying the Giants. But your heart will decide if it's for keeps ;)