My first reveal!


Sep 13, 2013
Hello :P

The bag I have been waiting forever for it seemed, has Finally arrived today! Yippeeeee! :yahoo:

I have always bought just the normal canvas bags. For some reason all the rest looked fake to me. LOL I don't know why, but they just did. Some kind of a head thing I had for many many years....

I have been buying used like crazy on Ebay for the last few months, as we all know this can be such a serious addiction :P

And then I came across something that really grabbed my attention. Like in a big way. My favorite seller had this bag, and as soon as I seen it, I feel in love! So not only is this my first reveal, but also my first colored ANYTHING, I have added to my collection.

I woke up at 5 am this morning because I knew she was just sitting at the post office waiting to be delivered... I just couldn't wait! I drove up there and wasn't surprised I got nailed with custom fee's. Because this bag took a lot longer than any of the others I have gotten, that I didn't have any on.. So I ran up to the ATM because the front registers were not even open yet to get the cash, and drove back to the post office to get her :smile:

She had been in that box way to long screaming to get out and into my arms. When I opened her I was almost afraid to touch her. She was so shiny and pretty....