My First Reveal

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  1. Anyone around for a quick reveal?
  2. I'm here...Lets see!:smile:
  3. image-1737294778.jpg

    Can you guess?
  4. Here!
  5. Pochette ??
  6. That box in the back is pretty big! Cosmetic pouch?
  7. image-284155450.jpg

    One more chance
  8. Cles??
  9. Wallet and charm ?
  10. image-3148691790.jpg

    The new additions to my family. I set out to pick up Eva in DE, but I thought it was just ok. ( I know I'm the only person on the planet to think I decided on the pochette and luggage strap instead. Couldn't resist the Cles either.
  11. 2 out of 4 not bad!! :woohoo:
    Wonderful haul!! Congrats!!
  12. Congrats! Do you mind telling me how much the luggage strap was? Thanks!
  13. Good job! I was 0 for 4...Congrats on your items.....! I have not seen the Eva in person but I am not sure that I would be ableto use it, it seems pretty small but I do think its a pretty bag!
  14. Thank you. I think I'm done. The luggage strap was $235.
  15. Congratulations!