My first reveal! :)

  1. Wow, gorgeous - great purchases!! :woot:

    We're wallet twins - I have the fuchsia continental wallet too: you'll see, it's such a great pop of color and you'll find it in your purse instantly! :smile:
  2. What beautiful purchases!!! Congrats on your gorgeous haul :biggrin:

    Hope you enjoy using them :biggrin:
  3. Great buys! Love the Harriet purse on the chain, very elegant. And the fuchsia is such a great colour.
  4. That harriet is very classy.
    Lovely items.
    I desp. need a scarf and will be buying in the sale in the uk hopefully.
  5. Beautiful purchases, lovely cerise and that Harriet is really sophisticated, love it. Congrats.
  6. Congrats, lovely items there. Do you have any modelling pics of the Harriet clutch? If this goes for half price in the sale I might have to get one.
  7. Thank you all! I'll try to take a modeling picture of Harriet today after work :smile:
  8. I got my FIRST ever mulberry a few days ago and im so in love with her :love: i think she is beautiful and i prefer the straps on the heritage bayswater than the original as they are shorter or maybe im just imagining it.

    Could anyone recommend how to protect her as she seems to be very soft and due to the light colour and the fact that it rains a lot in Ireland i dont want her to get ruined! :biggrin:
    Heritage Satchel Mulberry.JPG
  9. You need to spray with Colloni which is a waterstop spray but you can never be 100% safe. As long you don't go out in heavy rain then you should be safe. Be wary of colour transfer especially from denim, which you can't avoid.
  10. Nice Mulberry items you got there, girls!
  11. Loverly purchases
  12. Thanks Steph, got the spray so hopefully itll be okay :smile: and if its stain from wearing it with dark denim is there any way of getting rid of the stain? :thinking:
  13. Lovely purchases, Mitte! Lovely to see more Mulberry's in NY!! The hot pink purse is such a yummy colour!!

    Lindakond - congrats on your new heritage and your first Mulberry - this will be the first of many :smile: