My First reveal

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  1. Here is my First reveal. Are U ready ?
  2. :happydance:
  3. Ready!
  4. Totes ready
  5. Yes! (this is my first time watching a reveal)
  6. i'm so sorry. 'cause i took photos with my ipad. Now i can't attach my message :sad: i'll send photos tomorrow..
  7. Ready! :biggrin:
  8. here
  9. get the photobucket app
    upload them to photobucket from your ipad using the app
    then copy the image code and paste it in tpf.

    its a bit of back and forth but its totally doable!!! PLEASE PICTURES!
  10. BTW your dog is so cute! What breed is it?

    OP, ready!
  11. here! let's do this!
  12. Readyyyy
  13. Thanks! He's my Westie, Oliver.

    Guess we'll have to come back tomorrow for the reveal!
  14. Here:nuts:
  15. Here