My First Reveal!

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  1. Yay! :yahoo:So I was sitting at home watching it sleet out the front window when I see a FedEx truck coming up my long driveway. Could it be? Already? I just got the email day before yesterday that my order wasn't available in the warehouse but they'd found a store to ship it to me. I didn't think it would be here before next week.

    Soooo... is anyone here?
  2. Sweet - take it off...
  3. Go for it! :yahoo:
  4. Opened the box, removed all the tissue and found this beauty! Oooh legacy ribbon!

  5. Oooh legacy ribbon! -+- What do you mean Legacy Ribbon???
  6. Open the box! ;)
  7. Is legacy stripes no? I'm new so maybe I'm wrong. :shame:

    Anyone care to hazard a guess?

  8. sweet!!!!
  9. open, open!!
  10. Was this sent from the Bleecker st store?
  11. Oh what did you get?! It's wrapped so nice!!
  12. My Poppy Maxine's! :graucho:

  13. bunny - I don't know, the box says East Hampton, NY.

    The back. I squee'd a little when I saw the hearts on the ends.

  14. I :heart: them
  15. The Sunnies are Sunnies are stunning...

    I want that Ribbon WOW it rocks...