My first reveal!

Apr 19, 2009
Hello everyone! I recently took a trip to the LV store and couldn't leave empty handed :graucho:. I am to laxy to doa traditional reveal but here are some pictures :biggrin:
The reason I went to LV was for this gorgeous MC pochette:love:

Pretty little Eva was calling my name too...

Finally, the Tivoli GM

And all together:yahoo:haha I'm in Canada this month so I thought I'd take advantage of the nature lol

Mandy Candy

<3 love my Chi's <3
Jun 25, 2009
San Diego, CA
congrats on your new loves!! haha you are much braver then me! I would be way to scared to hang my brand new lv's from a tree branch! I still have a heart attack if someone touches the vachetta on my speedy.