My first reveal!!

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  1. I *finally* got 2 new Louis Vuittons! I bought vintage before but there is nothing like walking out of the store with the bag in tow!

    The first bag I was talking about buying online for slightly cheaper when my boyfriend just said, "Hey we're going to Nordstroms we'll go get you a purse too!" He's amazing :smile: So off we went the next morning (1.5hour drive) through traffic and all and I came home with...


    Hm, what could it be!?
  2. Is one of them an Azur Speedy? Take it out take it out!
  3. YAY! I'm never around for a live reveal!
  4. What could it be !? You tell us.. :P
  5. Oooooo, a big bag... open it, open it :nuts:
  6. live reveal? yay!
  7. Ohhhh live reveal!
  8. Wow, does it feel great ! show show :smile:
  9. come on!!!!!!!! please...........
  10. Ooooo I'm never on for live reveals either. I'm guessing an Azur Galleria maybe?
  11. open open open!
  12. Sorry boyfriend rushed me out of the house for bowling!
    But it's....
    Damier Neverfull MM!
    And the next morning I called and got...
    Rex is the protector of all my purses :heart:
    You can see my pup is interested!

    And to LVBatstille - the speedy azur is hopefully next! But, that's will be a few months!
  13. Congrats on two wonderful pieces!! the pup prefers
  14. Gorgeous~~!! COngrats~~!! ^^
  15. Is that a French Bulldog puppy?