My first reveal!

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  1. Hi guys, I have recently just started posting on TPF after lurking for awhile :ninja: haha. It is so great here and I love looking at everyone's beautiful collections! Everyone is so nice :heart:

    Anyway, onto what we are all here for: the reveal!

    DH surprised me with a visit to LV on the weekend for our anniversary with the promise of "You can get anything you want" and I came away with...


    Zippy Coin Purse in Epi Grenade!! I got the last one too, how awesome!

    Needless to say, I was pretty chuffed. The next day as I pulled in to home after work, I noticed the post worker pulling in behind me with a big box in his arms :heart:

    What could it be I wonder?? hehe...
  2. Congrats! Love the color.
  3. Congrats! Love the color and the Zippy coin purse is just too cute. :smile:
  4. [​IMG]

    Hmm.. It's vintage!


    and YELLOW!

    Any guesses??
  5. Thanks cindy05 and freshmess! The colour is TDF, I was actually surprised at how much it can fit!
  6. [​IMG]

    Doin' a lil' strip :wlae: ...
  7. yay, Congrats!!! I love that yellow Noe (is it?) so gorgeous, love your zippy too.
  8. [​IMG]

    TADA! Epi Petit Noe! I :heart: it!

    My favourite part is the lining..


    And the two new pieces together..


    Thanks so much for looking and allowing me to share my excitement everyone! :heart:
  9. Thanks, baglady2006 (your puppy is gorgeous!). Yep it's a Petit Noe alright.
  10. congrats
  11. Congrats .. great contrast of colours:heart:
  12. Oh man, love your new things, Congrats!!:tup:
  13. tryagain: Thanks!

    shalomjude, e.crowle: Thanks guys! Yay Aussies! :heart:
  14. thanks! wowza, the color combo is stunning!! I so love these happy colors, congrats again and enjoy!!!
  15. Your Epi Noe is a fabulous bag. The yellow was always my favorite in this line exactly because of the lining. Which is a great match for the cute Zippy Coin Purse. Congrats on these wonderful additions.