My First Reveal!!!

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  1. Hi all! I have been here watching all of these wonderful reveals, and I felt a little left out.:whistle: So I went to the store picked up a camera and have taken pictures of my H purchases in Paris. I went there over my birhtday and had a good time! Well that's if you like four days of shopping as fun...Well enjoy! :flowers:

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  2. Julide, that's a gorgeous bag - what are the specs!? And a beutiful plisse! And yes, I DO consider four days of shopping fun. On a vacation, it's practically mandatory! Thanks for sharing your first reveal!
  3. Oh Sorry! It took about 20 mins to figure out how to resize my pictures! Wow! I am so thankful to all the ladies who take the time to do any reveal! This is work! 28 Sellier Chocolate Box Kelly! Thank you Mistikat!
  4. It's really beautiful .... now.... you'll have to post modelling pix!
  5. Thank you! When I figure out how to take pictures of myself I will!
  6. Very pretty Julide- Enjoy!!:smile:
  7. Thank you! I will!
  8. Soooo beautiful!! Enjoy her in good health!

  9. Lovely, lovely bag! Congratulations on your find. :smile:
  10. Great looking bag! You'll enjoy her for years to come!!

    Most people take a picture of themselves in the mirror, or you can use the self timer! Action pics!!

  11. Julide -your kelly is DIVINE! Congratulations!:yahoo:
  12. Thank you all! Thanks for the tip on the picture!
  13. Again Thank you Mistikat, Amamxr, Ms. Fashionista, Vernilover, Anez, Hermesacholic!
  14. Gorgeous bag!! I love Kelly bags! I could use a brown one!:drool:
  15. Very nice! Beautiful color.
    Congratulations on your birthday!