My First Reveal- Red Italian Leather Hobo

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  1. I originally called the Westchester boutique for the fuchsia Italian pebble leather hobo, but they said Dooney accidentally made it in red and sent it to them. So they think they are the only store that has it in this color since it was a mistake. I love red bags and I thought it would be awesome to have a truly unique bag, so I ended up ordering the red over the phone. So if you want it, call them up soon! Here it is!

    This is my first time posting a photo so I hope it works. I love that the tassel is a flexible leather so I am not always obsessed with making sure it's straight. I know with the Flo satchels I get annoyed when the tassels get bent! I also noticed that the loops attaching the handle clip on (kind of like a carabiner) so I actually moved the tassel on the side I wanted.

    I have a couple more photos in slightly less bright light too if anyone wants it. It is a true Dooney red and pretty much just like the flo red in my opinion, except for the pebble effect of course. I like that the leather is soft and smooshy. The paper is still in it from when it shipped. I have ordered a few bags recently so I am making sure I want to keep them all before I take everything out! (I also got a Coach Borough bag in oxblood if anyone is interested in seeing that. It's gorgeous). And sorry for the messy table! Law school kind of takes over my life.

  2. Oh that's beautiful, thanks for the pic!
  3. She's gorgeous!
  4. That's one gorgeous bag! I love Dooney red, it's so rich. I saw this bag at the outlet in the grey color and you're right, the leather is a really nice leather. Congrats on getting a beautiful bag. Thanks for sharing.
  5. Gorgeous bag...Enjoy!
  6. Soooo pretty. Looks like a keeper to me. Thanks for sharing. :smile:
  7. Thanks everyone!! :biggrin:
  8. If you're talking about the Westchester Mall, I just learned today that they had a Dooney store from an email and I used to go there a ton without realizing haha.
    Love the flexible tassel its such a nice touch
  9. Oooh so pretty!!!!
  10. Very pretty and rich looking leather/color!
  11. I love your new bag!
  12. Beautiful! Love how soft and smooshy the leather looks.
  13. Thank you! I am so excited to wear it! :love:
  14. What a beautiful bag! :smile:
  15. is this a slouchy hobo or does it have structure?