My First REVEAL - PS1 Continental Wallet

  1. This retails for $560, but I was lucky to come by one on Bluefly during the Sale week when it was listed at $333. Furthermore, since I'd also used a coupon to get $50 off, I paid $283 for it, getting a total of almost 50% off and had to pay no sales tax into the bargain. :biggrin:

    It's an amazingly functional wallet. I'd been a tad sceptical about this, since in the past I've purchased and subsequently returned a PS1 large satchel as I found it a little too cumbersome to open and close (and not to mention I hadn't quite gone a bundle on the colour either), but have no issues with the wallet, as one doesn't have to bother with the two straps to open and close the wallet.

    Without further ado, here it is:
    img0130ov.jpg img0131po.jpg img0132yi.jpg img0133fn.jpg img0134lx.jpg img0135xd.jpg img0136zx.jpg img0137nl.jpg img0138hbt.jpg img0141vl.jpg
  2. And the last three...
    img0142xz.jpg img0143wu.jpg img0144nkl.jpg
  3. lovely and SUCH a bargain!

  4. beautiful wallet.Congrats!!