My first reveal...Picked her up at lunch


    I think she's adorable. The Chloe baby paddington. And I got a great deal:girlsigh:
  2. She's pre-loved... but honastly: theres not a sign or wear and tear on her accept for a nick in the key attached... Was a bit concerned when the seller told me there was no serialnumber, but It took me two seconds to find it myself:biggrin:
  3. Congratulations!!! Lovely bag!
  4. ty:d
  5. Love it! Congrats!
  6. adorable!! :heart:

  7. congrats, is very nice~
  8. Very nice! Love it! Congrats!
  9. Thank you, Ladies:yahoo: maiden voyage today:biggrin:
  10. Thank you for posting the pictures into the forum Addy;) Could not figure out how its done.
  11. Sorry, I mean thank you for posting the pictures jun3machina:shame: Was on my way out and didnt really check all too well who posted what.
  12. no problem at all. super cute bag!! hope you enjoy it. i have a chloe arriving today too...
  13. Thank you:biggrin: congrats on your new chloe!
  14. Congratulations, adorable bag.
  15. Thank you:smile: