My first reveal on tpf - story time

  1. You can never go wrong with RED, enjoy your beautiful pieces:smile:
  2. Thank you again so much!
  3. Congrats on your Dior scores! Both are classic pieces! :smile:
  4. Thank you so much, soxx! I'm so happy with them!
  5. Beautiful. Congrats
  6. Thank you so very much!
  7. Congrats on ur growing collection. I'm esp interested in the soft but is yet to decide on the size. Yours is the larger size rite?
    Enjoy ur purses
  8. Thank you! I was going to get the larger size, but at the very last minute, even after having the large in patent on hold overnight, I switched to this smaller size. I really like it, and it just felt so "right" immediately, so it was then a done deal. :smile: The wallet was because I was still in "red" mode, and I think it compliments the beige well. I love the dior soft! Both sizes, you can't go wrong.
  9. Wow! I love your red wallet! What is the name of that wallet Nd may I ask how much? :smile:
  10. Thank you; I have a love for red! The wallet is the Lady Dior Rendez-vous and the price is $820 plus tax. It has a removable chain that you can use as a wristlet (attaching both ends to the same side) or as a clutch type chain, attached at both ends. It also comes with the removable D-I-O-R charm which you can also attach. Neither is shown as they are inside and I took the photos when I was just home and tired. It's available in many really lovely colors, in both lamb and patent. Most have silver hardware, but some have beautiful champagne gold hardware. There was a deep amethyst that I almost got that was totally tdf :smile:

    This is from the Dior website to show how it looks with the chain as a strap and the inside:
    CAL43060P_M355_V1_Zrrrrr.jpg CAL43060P_M355_V2_Zrrrrr.jpg
  11. Thanks for the info and pics! I will definitely have to go to the boutique to check it out. I was looking for the chanel woc but this one is so cute and much cheaper. :smile:
  12. does the purse come with a shoulder strap?

    VERY gorgeous!!
  13. Congrats!
  14. If you are looking for something akin to a Chanel WOC, might I suggest the Dior New Lock pouchette; that one comes with a shoulder strap and holds more than the Chanel WOC, is really stunning. It can be worn cross body or on the shoulder, as well as with the strap doubled up. It's really lovely.

    Thank you! If you mean the wallet, it only has a small chain to carry it as a clutch.

    Thank you so much! :smile:
  15. Just an update for my Dior Soft: Black/Beige Lovely Cannage Slingback heels and Metal Cannage Ballerina in Black. I forgot to put the Soft in the photo, but I carried it in the store; I really love this bag! I was eying the new colors today, but I'm waiting to hear about something else tomorrow. Keeping my fingers crossed!
    Dior cannage1.jpg Dior metal ballerina r.jpg