My first reveal in TPF.. MK Jet Set Travel Tote in Black

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  1. Hello All,

    I was in search of a simple yet elegant tote that is roomy at the same time.
    MK travel tote in saffiano was one that caught my eye but the reviews about it's thin straps made me delay the decision of getting one.
    Finally, the post in the Deals&Steals about the citi cash rewards which I can use for this tote triggered me again and I ordered one right way :smile:

    I am not working today and home all day. Was eagerly waiting for it till afternoon and got into a nap. DH collected it from the office and unwrapped it and placed on my bed to see the first after I woke up :smile:

    First Impressions:

    Roomy enough for all my stuff and laptop.
    Calm but the twinkling hardware makes it very elegant.
    May not hold the shape, if we have very few items.
    The saffiano finish makes it look like grey in few directions.
    The link closure helps in maintaining the shape to some extent.
    The handles are thin but I have to use it for few days to know if they hold the weight and also they are a bit folded, may be because of the packaging.

    Thanks for all your time in reading through it and also all the posts our there that helped me decide on it :smile:

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  2. Firstly congrats! I never seen this tote in person and im surprised how pretty it looks in this picture! Would love a mod pics hehe
  3. Congratulations! I saw someone with this bag in hot pink the other day, but I have to say that I think the black looks much better. Sounds like it can hold a lot of stuff! And you're right, the hardware really makes it look quite elegant. Great bag!
  4. Thanks much Uromastyx :smile: I will surely post a mod pic when I am dressed for work, may be Monday :smile:
  5. Thanks missbrasilnyc :smile: I liked tangerine too but its already late to get one as that is more a summer colour and also I needed one that is calm and basic for work so thought black is the safest best :smile:

    It is very roomy, especially with a broad base, I can comfortable place my laptop, cosmetic case and a couple of wallets all in a row and may be a cardigan on top of them.
    Will try posting some pics when i organize it.
  6. No problem! I totally agree with you...all of my handbags are black for this very reason lol. Matches with everything, good transition to fall... that's great that you can put your laptop in it too! Def post some modeling pics! :smile:
  7. Nice.
  8. So pretty!! The gold hardware makes it seem so lux. Congrats!
  9. what a beauty! congrats :smile:
  10. Lovely bag
  11. Thank you all :smile:
    Few more pics... As promised

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  12. nice bag!
  13. I love the texture on it! So classy. Congrats, beautiful bag.
  14. What a beautiful and classy bag you have there! I love how structured and roomy it looks, like it can hold a lot of your stuff! I'm in love with your bag!
  15. Great bag! Hope the straps work out for you.