My first reveal here in the Tods forum..

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  1. I've waited along time for this one. So excited to jump over here. May I introduce my new D-Styling Baulletto Medio in Tobacco Chiaro [​IMG]
  2. Luv it!!!!
  3. Welcome to the Tod's subforum, LV*LIFESTYLE! :smile:

    I know that the leather on this bag is great and you have chosen such a classic colour! This bag is really wonderful. :yes: Only for my personal taste I find the leather too delicate in this light colour, because I don't like babying my bags.
    Enjoy your new beauty!

  4. Thank you for commenting.. I luv it too !
  5. Thank you for your incite. I had a hard time choosing the color. I new I wanted a beige color though. So I picked the darkest one :graucho: The leather is beautiful. I guess we will see over time how she holds up.
  6. It's lovely, congratulations.
    A great neutral colour that will go well with so many things - not to mention a good size as well .
    Everyone should have something in this colour in their collection.
  7. Lovely classic color! Looks great with the gold hardware :smile:
  8. Absolutely gorgeous! What a crazy beautiful color - it's exactly what I would have chosen. I am currently trying to make your reveal in reverse - trying to decide on my first LV purchase...LOL! Congratulations on your wonderful bag.
  9. Congrats!
  10. Gorgeous color and a great bag!!!!! Enjoy!
  11. I'm finding this thread 2 years later while considering a similar bag. It's a slim shot it'll get reply :smile:, but wondering how the bag held up over time. Did the tan leather do well? Do you still love it as you did?
  12. I think the leather holds up well, just be careful of scuff marks.